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Intensive & Step-by-Step

Everything you need to FINALLY start your business and launch your brand!

Our courses were designed with you in mind. We know that you are busy . You are trying to do all the things and be all the places. We get it Sis. That's why we created this Online University. We want to be the one-stop-shop for the items that you need to get started. Each course is designed to meet the needs of a new or struggling business owner. Before creating each course we survey our community of almost 300 women to see what is holding them back. These courses provide step-by -step instructions in areas that new business owners have identified they need help with. Enjoy!


Missed the FREE Webinar? No Worries Sis, catch the replay!

Our webinars are designed to teach a broad overview of each subject. These take place live in our Facebook group. You can ask anyone, our webinars are jam packed with information and in-depth tutorials. Perfect for someone that requires a general overview and some key tips. This is also a great option if you attended the webinar and missed something. Either way, you'll have this information to review over and over.


  • When is the class?

    We have built an online university. All courses and webinars are pre recorded. You can access these courses at any time on your time.

  • What is the difference between the Webinar Replays and the Course ?

    Each month we ask our Facebook Group community which topic they want to discuss. We then host a FREE 3 day webinar providing a general overview. Later an in-depth course is created . Both are available to you for purchase as a student . Be assured that we will always provide value.