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What's Covered

  • The Basics

    Everything you need to get started with Text Message Marketing

  • Marketing Moves: Photography

    Learn how to take better pictures of yourself, products ad services so that you can secure sales.

  • Stay Camera Ready

    Learn the basics behind Email Marketing

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If you got locked out of your social media today, would you still be able to reach your customers? Its no secret that we don't own social media, but what you can own is your list.

Join us for the Money Making Marketing Moves Replay. We discuss everything you need to get started building your list and staying in contact.

Lets increase your visibility and start building relationships with your customers. If you are ready to finally get started, sign up for the replay.

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Sis, DIY ! Website Replay

Catch the replay Sis! We covered everything you need to know to get started with Text Message & Email Marketing 

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Tips and Tricks that will get you started with Email & Text Message Marketing ASAP!

Sis we want you to be successful! So we have put together the Money Making Marketing Moves Manual to get you started on the marketing moves that matter.

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Course curriculum

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    2. Money Making Marketing Moves Manual

    1. Email Marketing 101 - Learning How to Build Relationship

    1. Photo Editing 101- Take better pictures

    1. Text Message Marketing 101

    1. You Made It!

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