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  • Finally take your Cricut Machine out the box and turn your Heat Press On

  • Everything you need to get started

  • Handmake your very own tees from home

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What's Covered

  • Cost

    Find out exactly how much it costs to start your At Home T-Shirt Business. I know you Sis and if it don't make dollars... it don't make sense

  • Getting Started

    I'll explain everything that you need to do to get started making hand making shirts from home. No fluff, just straight facts.

  • How It's Done

    Step-by- step instructions on how I personally design, make and ship T-shirts. There's no holding back, I'll show you everything Sis!

Learn from a Pro

Designer of Trust God Sis Apparel

Hey Sis!

This time 3 years I started the Dopest Apparel Brand that there ever was [Cuz who gone check us?!] right from my kitchen countertop. With God's grace, we were able to sell over 6000 TGS Items and minister to over 30,000 women!

I'll share with you everything you need to get started to own very own Home T Shirt Empire.

My brand has been been featured on different continents, in fashion shows, Pagents, Woman Evolve, Local radio stations... Sis, we even have our own recorded song. I'm believeing big for you too Sis!

We are serious about helping  women to  walk in their anointing because we are more than just T-shirts .. we are a ministry! The world is waiting for you to show up.

Lets go Sis! Its Your Time.

With All My Love, 

Shan Lucas


TGS Designer 

T- Shirt Course

Join the premier course to teach you everything you need to know about starting your very own work from home T-Shirt Business.

FREE Tools

We provide a list of everything you need to get started

Grab  your FREE  Workbook and detailed Shopping List. No more generic info...Sis we are giving you the GEMS!

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Course curriculum

    1. Hey Sis!

    2. Course Workbook

    3. Where to Start

    4. What You Really Need to Get Started

    1. Start Up Options

    2. The Cost To Really Get Started

    1. What Kind of Shirts Do You Use?

    2. Heat Transfer Vinyl Overview

    3. Canva Tutorial

    4. Design Hack: Etsy Files

    5. Design Space Tutorial

    6. Turn your Cricut Machine On !

    7. Cutting & Weeding Your Design

    8. Heat Press Overview

    9. Lets Put It on A Shirt!

    1. Packaging Your Orders

    2. Go Be Great Sis!

    3. Frequently Asked Questions

    4. COURSE BONUS: Godfidence Bootcamp

    5. COURSE BONUS: Start Your Business Sis Webinar Replay

About this course

  • $150.00
  • 20 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Course Bonuses

  • T Shirt Learning Community


    Keep on learning . Join our community of new and aspiring T Shirt designers. Get your questions answered, stay motivated and get the support you need.

  • Godfidence Bootcamp

    $97 value

    Becoming a Kingdom Entrepreneur requires the right mindset and we are here to help get you there Sis! We fully intend to pour into you so that can walk in your anointing with all the Godfidence you need.

  • Sis Business Network Webinar Replay

    $1195 value

    Sis we want you to be successful, so we have collaborated with the Sis Business Network to teach you step-by-step everything we did to launch thee dopest brand in the world, Trust God Sis ! We cover finding your tribe, branding & marketing your Kingdom Business.

It's Time Sis... Start Today!