• When Is the course?

    We have built an online university to give you unlimited access to a secure student portal. This course can be accessed at your own pace over a 90 day period. Enrollment begins after purchase

What's Covered

  • Brand Foundation

    Learn everything you need to build a sustainable brand . Establishing a Solid Brand Purpose will allow you to target the correct audience while creating products and services that they actually want.

  • Build Community

    Learn how to use our signature Relationship to Revenue framework to create endless content and increase your engagement and sales

  • Visibility

    In order for people to pay you, they have to first pay you attention. We cover how to increase your visibility and engagement with your customers while reducing effort and burnout

Let's Take It To the Next Level

Sis Business Network

Hey Sis!

Have you been waiting to finally start your business and launch your brand? 

Im here to show you... Sis, it don't take all that! We really thought of everything when we assembled this course.

We cover the hard stuff. Anyone can google how to start a business in (insert state). We show you how to create a brand with a solid purpose and foundation to attract the people that actually want what you have.

Learn about:

Content Strategy

Content Scheduling 

Social Media optimization

Social Selling 

What to actually put on your website 

List Building 

Email Marketing 

Text Message Marketing ...

Sis if you needed it. I gave it to you! I even gave you recommendations for how to get help and reduce burnout . 

My prayer for you is that you will walk away from this Live Brand Accelerator with what it takes to build a profitable, sustainable brand that impacts the lives of many!

With All My Love, 

Shan Lucas


Executive Director, Sis Business Network

21 Days to Launch

Join the Premier Brand Accelerator to designed to give you everything you need to finally start your business and launch your brand.

21 Days to Launch Activity Workbook

We took all of the notes for your Sis!

Grab  your 21 Days to Launch Guide. This workbook is over 60 pages and includes everything you need to get started. 

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Course curriculum

    1. Hey Sis!

    2. 21 Days to Launch Manual

    3. Day 1 Build Your List

    1. Day 2 Brand Purpose & Ideal Audience

    1. Day 3 Brand Identity

    1. Day 4 Build Relationships

    1. Day 5 Brand Research Business, Brand & Market Research

    1. Day 6 Brand Tools

About this course

  • $195.00
  • 25 lessons
  • 20 hours of video content

Course Bonuses

  • FREE Endless Content Framework

    $49.95 value

    Everything you need to never run out of content to post for your business

  • FREE Content Scheduling Strategy


    Sis, It don't take all that ! We share with your our scheduling strategy to improve your business visibility and engagement.

  • FREE Email & Text Message Marketing Tutorial


    Revenue leads to relationship. Let us show you how to consistently show up in your business. Increase your business visibility and customer engagement to improve sales

It's Time Sis... Start Today!