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What's Covered

  • Sales Funnel

    Learn how to build your own organic sales funnel

  • Email Marketing

    Learn how to nurture your following. Build Relationships that lead to revenue.

  • Text Message Marketing

    Learn how to prompt and remind your audience to encourage weekly sales

Let's Take It To the Next Level

Sis Business Network

Hey Sis!
Sis, showing up is a strategy
Consistency is what leads to currency 
You don’t need more followers you need to activate the ones that you already have.
I’ll share with you how to leverage your existing social media following to increase sales utilizing our signature Relationship to Revenue Framework
Likes and comments are cute but we are after conversion … you are a Kingdom Business Owner not a Kingdom Hobby Haver 😌
If you have no idea how to land leads 
If you have no idea how to email market 
If you need to get started with text message marketing 
This is going to be the webinar replay that you need.  
Be honest with yourself Sis … 
How strong has your show up been this year? 
Exactly …

We help new working women to increase their online visibility, consistency and sales. 

Its time to increase your visibility.
Its time to increase your consistency.
It's time to operate in purpose

If you are ready to finally get started, sign up for the replay.
With All My Love, 

Shan Lucas


Executive Director, Sis Business Network

Land Your Leads Webinar Replay

Catch the replay Sis! We covered everything you need to become your brand, consistently & confidently.

FREE Strategy Handbook

Everything you need to begin to increase your consistency & confidence in business

Sis we want you to be successful! So we have put together the Secret to Social Selling handbook to give you all the strategies you need to target your customers and increase sales. It's time to leverage your exisiting social media following to create consistent revenue

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Course curriculum

    1. Message From Sis Business Network

    2. Secret to Social Selling

    1. Build Your Organic Sales Funnel

    1. Relationship to Revenue Email & Text Message Marketing

    1. Lets Work Together

    2. You Made It!

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